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Create Book Covers with Canva

To begin, choose a free Canva layout from the many options available at the left sidebar. You’re guaranteed to discover something that suits your needs, from cookbooks to romance novels. To add your own details, first, select the layout you want, then select the text elements.

Event Invitations with Canva

Canva has fantastic invitation alternatives for weddings, birthday celebrations, charity events, and more. Select a layout and then click the pieces to alter the text, just as you did with the book covers.

YouTube Channel Art with Canva

With amazing art, you can make it stand out. Layouts for music, beauty, nature, food, gaming, and many other topics are available. Every design element can be altered, rearranged, or eliminated. This provides you complete control over the artwork you make.

Shop Covers and Icons with Canva

With a nice cover or symbol, you can draw attention to your store. Both of these are available through Canva for selling items such as presents, accessories, apparel, and fragrances.

Business Cards with Canva

You can also use Canva to make a new business card. You can choose from a wide range of business card layouts, ranging from casual to beautiful. The link feature is perfect if you send your cards via email or share them on social media.

Infographic Resumes with Canva

Take a look at Canva’s services if you work in a sector where an infographic CV would be beneficial. The designs are clean and professional, and they help you highlight your abilities, experience, and achievements in a variety of ways.

Gift Certificates with Canva

You may create gift cards for any occasion, including holidays, seasons, and the entire year. There is a vast selection of layouts for meals, drinks, and other forms of gifts. You don’t have to limit yourself to gift certificate layouts; you can also make coupons for your clients to spend. If you’re offering a discount on your services, Canva is an excellent tool for promoting it.

Yearbook Covers

You can either choose a layout and alter your school’s cover, or you can go all out and purchase a whole theme. This is a wonderful alternative that includes a table of contents, photo places, and a final autograph page.

CD Covers

The ideal album cover is vital for musicians, and Canva has designed for various sorts of music. Choose from symphonies, metal, lullabies, or country music. The sharing tools could be useful for collecting feedback from your fellow band members. This is a fantastic approach to work on the design with others.

Restaurant Menus

It’s simple to create a menu that includes everything from luscious sweets to great ales. You have complete versatility because you can modify or delete each piece, group or ungroup them, and rotate or resize the boxes. Also, if you have a longer menu, you can keep adding pages by clicking the Add a new page button.

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